Trailers GONE! Oh happy day!

Few tears were shed today as the last two old nasty trailers finally left Redcloud to go to the dump, where they will be crushed and buried! Six of these were brought in during the 80’s to be “temporary” shelters for staff until Redcloud could afford to build permanent staff housing. At that time the plan was for them to stay only a few years, not the 2+ decades it ended up being. I endured several years living in three of those trailers, hearing pack-rats in the ceilings & walls, and sometimes waking up with frost on the inside of the walls on cold nights. The windows were more like screens, and when the wind blew the plastic we added to the inside would flap in the wind. Shortly before moving out of the last trailer I lived in, it was discovered that the stove and the electric water heater were both on the same 30 amp circuit. No wonder the breaker blew when someone was showering and you tried to use more than 2 burners at a time. Nope, no one around here is sad to see them go…

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  1. Kit
    May 5, 2011

    Ah. As much as we hated our trailer, it will also always be fondly remembered as “home” for a time. Many memories there…. 😉

    Like your blog, Steve! Take care!

  2. Christy
    May 5, 2011

    WOW!!! I grew up seeing people moving in and out of those trailers over the years. It’s about time! Awesome.

  3. May 7, 2011

    I have all good memory’s of a few of those who lived in there. It’s funny how a place, that I only spent a few months at, is taking up a part of my heart that I consider home.

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