So it Begins!

Three days ago I got to Texas Creek, near Cotopaxi Co and met up with most of our staff to begin getting ready for our season. Still much work to do, but lots has been accomplished these past few days.

As of tonight we have 35 trips scheduled this summer. We’re thankful for the opportunity to serve all these students and families and look forward to what God will do in their lives this summer.

Tomorrow we plan to drive to Utah to start a 6-day trip on the Green river — a fun way to kick off the season and begin our training. I’m really looking forward to this trip! Please pray for safety, for vehicles and logistics to work well, and for our staff to bond together well in Christ.

I’ve really sensed the Lord’s presence these past few days and am excited to see how He grows and directs me this summer. Please pray for me to learn quickly and well and to be able to lead our staff in a godly way.

Thanks for your prayers and support!

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