A Busy Spring

I don’t understand people who can find time to write blog posts every day…I’m lucky if I can write one per month, or as it appears lately, one per 6 months…One would think I’ve not been doing anything, wouldn’t they?

Last fall was a very difficult time for me. I was tired from a great, but very challenging summer of wilderness ministry at Journey Quest. I moved into a new house, didn’t yet have a church community, knew almost no one in the community, and it felt like there was no reason for me to be here. I was lonely. I spent a lot of time soul-searching.

Through this time God was working in my life in a lot of ways. I got involved with a small-group from a church in Salida that meets about 15 minutes from my home. While I’m the youngest member of the group (by probably 10+ years), it is refreshing to be a part of a church community again, to lead worship, and to have some encouragement.

Another thing helping me become more involved in the local community was joining the local ambulance service as an EMT. In the past few months I’ve already been on more EMS calls than I ever ran in Lake City in a a whole year! They are becoming a paid service — the pay is minimal, but the schedule is flexible and I can work on other things while I’m on call. It fits really well with my off-season work for Journey Quest, as most of this is office work, and the extra income has helped supplement my support income through Journey Quest.

Mark & Sarah also bought a house this winter about 15 minutes from my house (Everything is at least 15 minutes from anywhere around here). It needed a lot of work before they could move in, so I spent a few days helping Mark wire up some new circuits in they kitchen and guest house.

With Mark trying to get ready to move, I’ve had to pick up some extra Journey Quest responsibilities this spring. Our winter started pretty poorly, with very little snow. It looked like it would be another very poor summer for water levels. But April and early May we got a lot of snow in the high country, and it now looks pretty reasonable for the summer! Let’s just say that there’s more than three times as much water in the river as there was most of last season — Yep, it’s pretty exciting!

Fritz and I attempting to ski Humboldt Peak in Early April. The peak in the middle is Crestone Needle.
Fritz and I attempting to ski Humboldt Peak in Early April. The peak in the middle is Crestone Needle.

The sunset from by back deck a few days ago. The sunset seen from my back deck a few days ago.

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