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For over a year I’ve served as an EMT with Ark River EMS, now stationed about a mile away from Journey Quest’s headquarters in Texas Creek. I’ve been working two or three 24-hour shifts per week, but since we average about one call every two days I can usually get a lot of office work done for Journey Quest while I’m on duty.


Since I was first trained as an EMT in 1999, I’ve found it is a great way to become involved and serve the local community. I’ve found I enjoy serving patients who are often in their time of greatest need, and it has also been a very good opportunity to extend Christ’s love to those who are hurting — whether it is someone having a stroke or a few teens who rolled their Jeep off the trail.

Last night we were called for a 16 year old who was considering ending his own life. Even though he was uninjured, the law required that he be taken in for evaluation, so I had an hour-long trip to the hospital to listen to, encourage, and even pray for this boy. Interacting with people like this deeply affects me. I’ve been somber all day today praying for and thinking of what I can do to help this young man and many others like him. Suffering like this is all around us, but are we too blind to see it and lend a helping hand?

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