Winter Recap

It’s been a busy winter for Journey Quest and we’re working like crazy to get ready for this summer, but I’ll write about that and some other breaking news in another post I’m working on. In the meantime, here’s a quick recap of a few of the other things I’ve been up to:winter-recap1

I’ve been back to Grand Junction a few times to hang out with the family. My nephew and niece (ages 4 & almost 2) are certainly a lot of fun! I’m planning to head there again this weekend to celebrate my grandparent’s 75th wedding anniversary!winter-recap3
Several of the Journey Quest and former Redcloud Expeditions guides came together for our annual New Year’s celebration here in Cotopaxi at the Anderson’s house. We had lots of fun enjoying shirt-sleeve weather for rock-climbing, shooting at clay pigeons, and hanging out playing games. It was a great opportunity to send off Cori Ward, one of our guides since 2011, to a full-year mission trip with The World Race.winter-recap2


Steve & Mandy Reiff have seen God’s had on every step of the way to join Journey Quest’s staff. Last fall, they put up a for-sale sign in their yard and had a buyer within an hour. Now they’re in the process of purchasing a home near Westcliffe! It’s been a lot of fun having them here and seeing some nice improvements to our grounds and equipment already. I’ve had the privilege of introducing Steve and his family to several new outdoor adventures like rock-climbing, skiing, and snowshoeing. Steve brings a lot of youth ministry experience and mechanical expertise to our team, so he’ll be taking over a lot of the things I handled the past couple years and allow me to focus more on my role as program director.P1030067

We’ve had a lot more snow this winter, and the Sangre de Cristo mountains are beautiful! I can’t wait to start taking kids up there again in just a couple months! Please continue to pray for me, and if God leads you to support me financially you can find easy ways to do that here. Thanks again for your prayers and for investing in this ministry!

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